DIY – Wedding Decorations, Centerpieces, Invitations & more


‘Do-It-Yourself’ weddings have grown enormously in popularity over the past few years, letting couples everywhere exemplify their creativity. From wedding invitations, chair banners and placements cards – today, anything is possible.

If you’ve chosen to have a warm-hearted, personalized wedding then start thinking outside the box with these unique DIY wedding projects that will match any celebration!


Wedding Invitations:

Wedding invitations are a subject of their own, as their is basic etiquette when writing wedding invitations. However, we are starting with this DIY project as their is so much room for personal creativity.

Ranging anywhere from themes, to color schemes, to fonts, format and size – the possibilities are endless and the choices are up to you. Your wedding invitations often give off your special events first impression, by making them yourself you have a grand opportunity at truly making them your own and standing out from the crowd. Furthermore, making your own invitations couldn’t be any greater for you guests! They will definitely feel like you are reaching out and inviting them personally.

There are a handful of really helpful websites out there, like Pinterest for example that can bring out great wedding invitation ideas, each one more interesting than the next!


Table Centerpieces:

Like most busy brides, you’ve probably already thought to yourself ‘…not the most important element to my wedding’. Think again! Although a table centerpiece isn’t what’s going to make or break your wedding reception, centerpieces can often be a costly component to your big day. Take a second to do the math: a centerpiece from a local florist can easily cost $200, if you have 10 tables then you have $2000 in total costs!

So, changing your mind on the whole flower idea? Here are a few other DIY options:

  • Plain and simple mason jars receive a makeover – coat several mason jars with your favorite pastel colors, or those that fit with your wedding theme. Once dried, rub them with sandpaper to give them an old, rustic look. Fill them with sand, rocks and pebbles. Instead of flowers, you can opt for potted plants that make your wedding decor stand out.
  • Use lanterns – You can make you’re own lanterns and decorate them yourself or, you can buy lanterns that work with your style. Either way, this option is much more cost effective than a floral centerpiece. And better yet – lanterns are much safer if children are present at the wedding!
  • Use bowls of fruit – Don’t forget that you can always take a step away from traditional centerpieces and instead, opt for an edible one. Weeks before your wedding, you can start looking at interesting bowls that can hold the fruit. Remember, they don’t all have to be the same in order to add a unique and fun touch to your wedding reception!


Personalized Place Cards:
If you really want to add a personal touch to your DIY wedding decorations, then place cards are the way to go. Your guests will notice your work and better yet, there are a million of different ideas that you can work with. Your place cards can easily be matched with any wedding theme, color, or flower. Further still, your personalized place cards can take on a theme of their own!

You can further personalize each table at your wedding reception by adding vintage wooden table numbers. By visiting your local craft store, you will find all the necessary (and inexpensive) materials needed to create super unique table numbers that are often perfect for backyard or barn themed weddings.


DIY Candle Holder
Lighting type has forever influenced the ambiance and the mood of a specific space – which is why the correct lighting is really important at your reception. Candles are a common way to create an elegant and romantic evening, so if you’re looking for a DIY project, this one just might be for you.

There are too many ways to create candle holders to start making a list. However, you can create really classy holders by taking tall, narrow tea light holders and decorating them with gold glitter. Or, if you’re aiming for a more personal touch, you can also make them out of mason jars. Simply visit your local craft store to pick up some glue and a few decorations that fit your wedding theme and decor!


Chair Banners:

Here’s a really unique way to set your wedding apart. Do It Yourself wedding chair banners are easy to create with just a few art supplies.

You can really personalize your seating area by representing your couple on your chair banners. Choose your favorite hobbies and pastime activities and include images or details of these along the banner. You can even add in the nicknames that you have for each other. If you want to stay a little more low key, you can still take on a DIY chair banner project by keeping things simple and elegant.

Overall, DIY wedding projects can be really fun and truly add a personal, creative touch to your wedding celebration. Handmade projects are one of the best ways to combine originality with traditions. However, when it comes to wedding planning – some things should really be left to the pros. Remember, planning a wedding can be really stressful and taking on too many Do It Yourself projects can become really overwhelming, really fast. Best to figure out ahead of time which projects you will enjoy doing and more importantly, that fit your wedding-planning schedule!