Wedifun is born


Greetings and welcome to your first-ever Wedifun experience!

We are proud to present to you the launching of our original and innovative mobile application: Wedifun. A first of it’s kind in wedding entertainment, this application is the perfect added touch – bringing everyone together at your reception party.

Intrigued, right? But that’s not all! We are letting YOU join in on the fun, the interaction and of course, our Wedifun community. By following us on our blog, you can be among the firsts to view our articles, participate in our contests, watch (and even upload your own!) videos and share your experience – every week! Keep reading if you are interested in finding out more about us, the Wedifun creators and our new amusing application!

What exactly IS Wedifun?

Over here at Wedifun, we know how important wedding entertainment can be. We also know how to bring laughter, excitement and closeness together for your reception party. So, in combining all these factors together, we’ve created a fun mobile application that is simple to use and that will guarantee your successful evening!

First of all, Wedifun allows you to create a unique quiz concerning your couple. Don’t worry – we’ve made this extremely easy and hassle-free! You have the option of accessing our data bank containing over 200 example questions or, you can even invent your own. However, the creating doesn’t end just yet. We want Wedifun to be as unique and personal to you and your wedding as possible. For this reason you can, amongst other options, edit the colors to the Wedifun app and even add pictures to your questions – matching your wedding or reception theme.

The next step is the easiest of all. Once you’re happy with the creation of your quiz, Wedifun will automatically generate your personal wedding code. You can share this code with all your guests so that when the time for fun finally arrives, all you have to do is open up your quiz allowing your guests to access it through their mobile phones, sit back and enjoy the party!

After all, you have every reason to try your free quiz online now at – you don’t pay unless you make your quiz public! If you’re getting married and thinking entertainment, Wedifun is the app for you. Don’t hesitate, your guests will love it!